This "feature" is listed first for a reason - we make support our top priority. Email us and someone from the SteepleWeb crew will get back to you and get your questions answered fast. Ask any of our current teams and they'll tell you it's a big reason they are using SteepleWeb.

Team Website

A SteepleWeb website is designed to look good and easily get all your information out to your users. The homepage lets your athletes easily know what's going on, access training, and get information on upcoming and past meets.
With the Gold Version of SteepleWeb, your site is free from ads. Our free version contains limited ads that do not detract from your site.

Training Log

The integrated training log allows you to see what kind of mileage your athletes are putting in and how they're feeling. You can also run reports on the entire team or individual athletes in order to analyze your teams training even further. The leaderboards also allow your athletes to see what their teammates are doing and motivate them to become better, faster runners.

SteepleWeb Database

This is the core of SteepleWeb - a crowdsourced database that powers your team. Once athletes, meets, and results are added into the database, your Steepleweb site can make all the data available that your users want. For athletes, it gives them their own page with PR's and a list of all their performances. For parents and fans, they can look up the schedule for the season and plan on supporting your team.

Online Meet Entries

Do you host more than 1 meet a year? If so, you could probably save money with SteepleWeb since Meet Registration is included with our Gold Subscription. Plus, it integrates with your website and current database, so it just makes life a little bit easier.


One driving force behind successful teams is the sense of community. Your site will allow you to stay in contact with athletes, parents, alumni, and your local community. You can post directions to meets, showcase news articles, or show videos on your site. Users can post comments and interact, creating your community online!


Sending e-mails or SMS to all your registered users or to a smaller group (eg parents) is a snap with SteepleWeb. Quickly let your team know of changes in plan!


Our Training Log is loaded with great reportse that will help get your athletes to the next level. With a Gold Subscription, you'll get access to more reports and more ways to use your data. You'll enjoy all the reports that SteepleWeb can automatically generate for you.


Today's internet users want media - in a Youtube era, everyone wants to see the action! SteepleWeb sites provide an integrated video solution - it's like having your own personal Youtube for your team. Users can add comments and can see the most watched videos. It's also very easy to add videos. Upload any format and length of video and it will be converted on-the-fly!


With millions of smartphones being powered up each year it is important to have a site that is optimized for mobile use. Your team’s site is responsive, meaning it will work on any device anytime! This makes it easy for your athletes to log their runs from the end of the trail.

Strava/Nike+ Import

If your athletes already log using Strava or Nike+, their workouts can automatically import into their SteepleWeb Log, increasing the chances of your athletes logging, and keeping all their log data in one place for you to easily review.